Car crashes and twisted humor links to free comedy sites at See It Or Not.          

Crashes and Humor Links

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Baked Potatoes
-A funny TV style video show for pot smokers and marijuana activists. Click watch the show to view the stoner show on an embedded video player.

Wild Ones
-The wildest fantasy and humor wallpapers, wild pictures and illusions, car crash videos, and some wild slide shows make up the bulk of this wild one.

Star Warped
-Let this farce be with you. All kinds of Star Wars comedy, desktop stuff, and blow away animation, literally.

-Lots of musclecar stuff, car crashes, car humor, and a working car stereo, at Road Performance Musclecars.

Ruling Cats and Dogs
-A few cats and dogs have taken over a website, and are showing humans how to really take care of them. Lots of pets humor, information, games, pets links, etc. etc. etc.

Star Wrecked
-A Star Trek fan site that dares to go where no other fan site has gone before. With Star Trek comedy, trivia, fun bios, games, and astronomically more.

World of Wallpapers
-Fantasy, bikini, comedy wallpapers, and several more categories of wallpapers in 1024x768 and 800x600 sizes.

-Scary stuff, Pc protection, good jokes, good pics, sport games and a chat room

Porcelain Poetry
-All the content is about crappers, but none of it is crappy. Lots of toilet comedy, jokes, short poems, celeb potty pics, and more.

Email Goodies
-All the funniest email gags and pictures. Collect everything from insulting pics to the best priceless photos, slide shows and text jokes. You can be the email king.

Canadian Beauts
-Oh say can you see----all the Canadian comedy, beer stuff and a tour of the most beautiful scenery in Canada.

Tons Of Laughs
-All comedy, all the time, with lots of laughs for you and your kind.

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